ARPort for iPhone and iPad available in the App Store

ARPort uses your iPhone or iPad camera and the magic of Augmented Reality to let you see all the airports around you anywhere in the USA or its territories.

ARPort marks the closest 20 Airports in the USA within 25 nautical miles of your position. As you scan with the camera you see the airport tagged and identified where it actually is in the landscape outside.
Aim the target box just below an airport’s tag to see its distance and bearing.

Tap the tag, or tap the target box, to see an airport’s full name, field elevation and length of its longest runway.

Requirements: iPhone or iPad, iOS 5.0 or higher and GPS. When flying you may need an Apple compatible external GPS such as BadElf or Dual X150

Download from the iTunes AppStore:

Or search for AR Port, or Paul Mace

Ready To Fly with Symbolic Flight 5 and the Helm X650

Ready To Fly with Symbolic Flight 5 and the Helm X650

Advanced 3D Synthetic Vision System

Symbolic Flight 5.0 on a Helm X650 with Built-in GPS and Windows XP

The Best in Sunlight Readability with 1000+ Nits of brightness

Finally we have a no excuses, turn it on and go flying solution!


  • Compatible with standard Ram Mount Systems
  • Panel Mountable with Optional Avionics Tray. Snaps in and out to maintain FAA Portable Status.
  • Built-in Power Supply for 12 to 28 Volts.
  • Built-in Fan with extra large heatsink.
  • Processor 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom
  • Solid State Memory has no altitude restrictions


  • 6.5” Touch Screen
  • 1000+ Nits Brightness (3 times the brightest tablets)
  • Infinitely Dimmable For Night Flying
  • Polarized Touch Screen
  • VGA Resolution 640 x 480
  • Solid State Storage 60GB
  • Built-in GPS
  • Optional built-in AHRS


  • Symbolic Flight 5.0 Primary Software Installed and configured..
  • License to install on 2 machines
  • 12 months of data updates, issued at 28 day intervals.
  • HiSpeed USB Thumb Drive so Symbolic Flight goes where you go on the ground.

Power-up, Plan and Go!

Buy it from us: and we throw in a 12 month data subscription and a full copy of Symbolic Flight so you can plan, PreFly or practice with FSX on your home machine, then carry the thumb drive to the X650 in your plane.

Paul Mace

5.0 Ships!

No internet required…at least for the lower 48 States of the USA. [Internet and PreFly still an option for the rest of Planet Earth.] All the satellite imagery and terrain data for the lower 48 are stored on the thumb drive.

Also it has been made simpler, faster, easier to use. Touch any airport, airspace or obstacle and see its information, including distance and bearing. Fly Direct-to. Change the approach with a single click–and see the course and missed drawn in 3D.

Copy #1 went to Helm Navigation, where it is available on the Helm X650. If you want to know what system actually works in the air in real life conditions, look here:Helm Navigation

Ships means literally, in the old fashioned sense of the word, comes to you by plane, train and automobile. 5.0 is delivered on a hi-speed USB thumb drive. You can run Symbolic Flight 5 from the thumb drive. That means you can plan on one device and carry the results on the thumb drive to another device in the airplane and run it there. Very convenient with the X650.

We are working on a new Trial Edition. Should be up soon.

What took so long? terrabytes of image and terrain data were massaged-down to a few gigabytes over the last six months. Getting it right proved quite a challenge. Some processes that took weeks to begin with now take ONLY a few hours. Learned a lot. It was worth it.

No more PreFly requirement in the Lower 48. I can just go fly. And being able to run from a thumb-drive from any PC is way more convenient than making sure I have the machine I planned on always with me. I can just leave the Helm X650 in the plane. Plug the Thumb drive in, turn it on and go. The groundwork has been laid for doing the same thing for the rest of the planet. Mostly a matter of acquiring the data.

Of course the minute we finished, winter arrived, in force. WPPBW we used to call it: Weather Piss-Poor Birds Walking.

First day the icing level lifts above the hilltops we are airborne.

Perpetually VFR,

Paul Mace


Buy Now!

4.0 Released

New, clean and simple design:

* Hello Virtual Earth [Adieu Google Earth]
o installs automatically
o 3D view integrated
o Twice the performance.
o Half the memory.
* Touch the symbols and they’ll tell you about themselves.
* Create custom waypoints with a single mouse click.
* Forecast cloud layers so realistic you’ll think you are looking at a live camera.
* Refresh rates up to 24Hz, depending upon the computer.

Two Editions, with the same look and feel.

Symbolic Flight Limited Edition $89

* Critical VFR planning data: Airports, Runways, Airspace, Obstacles
* GPS (any unit that outputs NMEA to USB or Bluetooth).
* 3 Data updates included.

Symbolic Flight Perpetual VFR $249

* VFR planning data: Airports, Runways, Airspace, Obstacles
* IFR planning Data: Navaids, Waypoints, Victor and Jet Airways, Transitions and Approaches.
* GPS {any unit the outputs NMEA to USB or Bluetooth).
* Garmin native supported: connects with everything from the 195 to the 696–more pending…
* eGyro IMU supported for accurate pitch and roll.
* XRX supported, for 3D traffic
* Microsoft FSX connection supported, for realistic training.
* 12 Data updates included.

The fact that the manual shrank by a third says a lot about this release.

Paul Mace

Symbolic Flight 4.0 Release Pending…

Expected release Wednesday, Dec 1st.

Symbolic Flight $89 [GPS only. Airports, Runways, Airspace, Obstacles]

Symbolic Flight Pro $249 [supports FSX, eGyro, XRX and Additonal IFR Data: Navaids, Waypoints, Victor and Jet Airways, Transitions and Approaches]

Hello Virtual Earth 3D! [and Goodbye Google Earth]

New, clean and simple design. Twice the performance. Half the memory.

Forecast cloud layers so realistic you’ll think you are looking at a live camera.

Touch the symbols and they’ll tell you about themselves.

Create custom waypoints with a single mouse click.

Read the manual.

Back to work….

Perpetual VFR Arrives with Symbolic Flight 3.10 Release

Version 3.10 of Symbolic Flight is now available with full support for the eGyro and eGyroGC electronic atttitude reference devices, both available in our online store. These very affordable, palm-sized devices add pitch, roll, and in the case of the GC, integrated WAAS GPS, data to Symbolic Flight via USB.

No other aviation product, at any price, offers these advanced capabilities:

  • Fly with 3D, photorealistic portable synthetic vision, WAAS GPS and inertial guidance.
  • Flight Plan and PreFly in Google Earth anywhere on Earth.
  • Flight Train coupled to Microsft Flight Simulator X anywhere on Earth.
  • See the latest FAA data in 3D, including charts, updated ever 28 days–global aviation data updated every six months.
  • Run on almost any Windows PC made in the last 5 years.

Symbolic Flight 3.1 retails for $249 and includes a one year data subscription and is available for purchase and electronic download at our online store..

The eGyro IMU retails for $595 and the eGyroGC for $995. Both are available in our online store.

Combine Symbolic Flight 3.1 with an eGyroGC and the Motion Computing J3500 and you have the best, sunlight readable, full synthetic vision capability on the planet in you cockpit for under $5000.

Paul Mace

Version 3.0 Released

12 noon PDT, Tuesday July 13, 2010